Revealed: Race-Obsessed Oxford Secret Society Spewing Anti-White Hate

By Will TG Miller of Heatstreet

If you’re at university in the UK, you might have heard of the secret Facebook group “Race Matters” or “RM”.

The group, which started in 2014 at Oxford University as “Skin Deep”, has now spread throughout elite university campuses in the UK, with the combination of its impressive reach as well as prominent members in positions of power at universities making it one of the most influential behind-the-scenes Facebook groups for UK students today.

The group initially started as an in-depth discussion group for intellectual conversation and debate on the serious issue of race.

Some of the conversations, an anonymous member said, were “high-standard academic discussions” on the topics of race, identity, and racism.

But, much like Oxford’s feminist discussion group Cuntry Living (which Heat Street dealt with earlier this year), the tone has soured.

Much of its original nuance has been lost as the group grew in size and became, in one user’s words, an “anti-white hate group”, with “white fragility, white saviorism, and white privilege” becoming the official orthodoxy of the group.

Questioning the existence or influence of these, another user said, is equated as “being dismissive of others’ lived experience” making debate and discussion all but impossible.

The group also became increasingly aggressive towards whites and those perceived to be “racist” by their standards. Reportedly, the shift happened around the time that Bahar Mustafa, diversity officer at Goldsmiths University and a fan favorite of RM tweeted “kill all white men” prompting a discussion on hate speech on campuses.

It was around this time that reporting suspected “racists” to employers by group members became something that certain admins of the group have admitted to supporting.

Read more at Heatstreet


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