‘Safe space’ room debuts at Duke University

By Michael McGrady

Students at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy can take refuge in a new safe space.

The room, literally called the “Sanford Safe Space,” will make its debut this year in a former faculty office turned safe space, reports The Duke Chronicle student newspaper.

Duke University spokeswoman Karen Kemp confirmed the Chronicle article is correct, but did not have further comment to The College Fix.

“It’s the first day of classes, and the professors who lead the school’s diversity and inclusion committee aren’t available to chat further about this,” Kemp stated in an email to The Fix. “They commented that their views and the purpose of the space are covered in the article.”

With that, it’s unclear if the room has been set up or is still in the works. But according to theChronicle, a room for the safe space has already been identified, and the effort aims in part to legitimize the “safe space … as a complement, not impediment, to effective debate.”

“We want to have a place for people who feel marginalized and face constant attention for characteristics that are immutable—like their skin color or their religion, their immigration status or whether they’re from another country—to be able to heal,” said Professor Kathryn Whetten, co-chair of the Sanford Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, which developed the safe space.

Read the whole story at The College Fix


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