Australian Students Told That ‘Take the Stairs’ Signs Are ‘Ableist’ and ‘Fat-Shaming’

By Emily Zanotti

Campus feminists at the University of Queensland in Australia are launching a civil war against other college social justice warriors. What’s their beef? Signs that urge students to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

The signs, placed by a campus environmental group, are probably familiar to most college students in the U.S. as well as in Australia: They urge students to “burn calories, not electricity” by walking to classes. The signs, the group says, help students be better stewards of the environment and promote sustainable living.

But campus feminists say they promote the idea that thin is better than fat, and guilt students into making choices that might be healthy for their bodies but not for their psyches. Taking to her blog, one UQ campus feminist wailed, “Not only are these new signs annoyingly patronizing to everyone reading them, but they’re ableist and fat-shaming.”

Read the whole story at Heatstreet


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