What happens when you impose a radical (and racial) agenda in schools: The public revolts

By Dave Huber of The College Fix

The situation in St. Paul, Minnesota schools is a textbook example of what happens when the vision of the “anointed” (to steal a phrase from Thomas Sowell) is imposed upon an entire city’s “benighted.”

As chronicled here at The College Fix and elsewhere, St. Paul schools have witnessed numerous controversial incidents over the past few years, mainly out-of-control student misbehavior and especially attacks on teachers.

Other instances include teachers being transferred to different schools because Black Lives Matter objected to their (non-racial) social media comments about school discipline; an elementary school principal who ditched celebrations of “dominant holidays” until people have a “better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view”; and, a teacher who alleged constant student harassment and assaults claimed she had to begin comments made to administration with “As a white woman, I feel …”

St. Paul schools have been in the thrall of the rather questionable philosophy of entities like the Pacific Educational Group which, as a district teacher says, “teaches that students are victims and teachers are oppressors.” It believes, according to  EAGNews.org, that America’s schools “are biased in favor of white students,” and its training programs “help” teachers to recognize their “privilege” and racial biases.

The district has spent millions on such racialized initiatives, including $2 million on “cultural competency” and “white privilege” training, and another $4.5 million on “restorative justice” programs — basically replacing punishments like suspensions with empathetic confabs where disruptive students can vent about their problems.

Last month it seems enough people had … well, enough. Superintendent Valeria Silva’s contract was bought out, and her position filled on an interim basis.

St. Paul councilman and former school board member Dan Bostrom — who was “part of a group that openly advocated this year for the school board to oust Silva and her cabinet” —said “Somewhere along the way they [the district] have to get their arms around the behavior issues.”

Read the whole story at The College Fix


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