College cancels ‘Men in Literature’ course, says it’s too focused on men

By Conor Beck of The College Fix

A “Men in Literature” course taught successfully for eight years at Springfield College has now been canceled after campus officials complained the class was too focused on men.

The popular humanities department-approved course was taught by Dr. Dennis Gouws. Campus leaders, prior to axing the course, accused the scholar of turning the English class into something of a men’s gender studies class.

In return, Gouws changed the curriculum to appease campus leaders’ concerns — to no avail. Today he accuses campus leaders of playing politics and undermining academic freedom.

“Faculty members and college administrators should make those decisions … on the basis of legitimate educational principles, not political ideology,” Gouws said in an interview with The College Fix.

The National Association of Scholars, an organization dedicated largely to defending academic freedom, has since come to the defense of Gouws.

In an April letter to Springfield College, association President Peter Wood points out that the school offers plenty of classes similar to “Men in Literature,” including Native American Literature, Asian American Literature and Women and Literature, the latter of which has an emphasis “on the cultural position of women in the United States, emphasizing racial, ethnic, and class diversity.”

Read the whole article at The College Fix


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