Meet the PAC Dedicated to Dissuading Straight White Men From Running for Office

A little self-flagellating racism and sexism:

By Christina Cauterucci of Slate

If you’re a straight white man who’s into progressive politics and you think you could really make a positive impact on this crazy world by running for Congress or your state legislature, Jack Teter and Kyle Huelsman have a novel idea for you: Don’t.

Teter and Huelsman, two Denver-based white men, are the founders of a new PAC dedicated to dissuading overconfident, underqualified straight white guys from clogging up the Democratic primaries and crowding out the women and people of color who’d be better for the job. The PAC is called Can You Not, and its site is a gold mine of delicious portmanteaux and tongue-in-cheek bons mots, plus one arresting photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who once said there will be enough women on the Supreme Court “when there are nine”). The site boasts of (fake) alumni of the Can You Not program—young, all-American white guys from private East Coast colleges whose qualifications include “class president,” “Eagle Scout,” and “Americorps ’08-’10”—who decided not to run for office after all.

Read the whole article at Slate


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