San Diego State president forced to ‘apologize’ by anti-Israel mob for campus anti-BDS posters

By Dave Huber of The College Fix

San Diego State University activists surrounded college president Elliot Hirshman on Wednesday for over two hours, preventing him from leaving the campus, all in protest of his “inadequate” response to numerous anti-BDS — Boycott, Divest and Sanction — posters which were hung around campus.

The posters were created by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and “identified by name a number of prominent students and faculty BDS activists on the campus and described them as having ‘allied themselves with Palestinian terrorists to perpetrate BDS and Jew Hatred on this campus.’”

The Center also took out an ad in The Daily Aztec student newspaper titled “Stop the Campus Jew Hatred” which addressed “four genocidal lies.”

Hirshman’s email to SDSU students denounced the flyers, but also said

“[…] we recognize and fully support the rights of all parties to voice their positions on political issues, whether supportive or critical. We also understand that when parties adopt a specific political position they become responsible for their actions and these actions may produce criticism.”

Read the whole story at The College Fix


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