Wisconsin Professors RAGE After Cops Bust Black Student In Class For Graffiti Rampage

By Eric Owens of The Daily Caller

Almost 700 professors and students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have signed a letter complaining about racism after campus police located a black student during a class on Thursday and arrested him because he allegedly spray-painted politically-charged graffiti on a bunch of buildings all over campus for half a year.

The student is Denzel McDonald, reports The Badger Herald, Wisconsin’s campus newspaper.

McDonald, 21, stands accused of spray-painting at least 11 messages across campus.

One two-tone message read, in red, “RACIZM [sic] IN THE AIR,” “DON’T BREATHE.” Then, in black, a signature line “– GOD.”
Other two-tone, graffitied statements police attribute to McDonald include “THE DEVIL IZ [sic] A WHITE MAN — GOD,” “DEATH TO THE PIGZ [sic] — GOD” and “WHITE SUPREMACY IZ [sic] A DISEASE” — GOD.”

A “FUCK THE POLICE” message also defaced a taxpayer-funded building, according to Inside Higher Ed.

The angry professors and students are enraged in part because police interrupted an Afro-American studies class to arrest McDonald. The class, taught by Johanna Almiron, appears to be titled “Towards the Black Fantastic: Afro-futurism and Black Visual Culture.”

University of Wisconsin-Madison police have released video of the classroom interaction between police and McDonald — along with three other videos further chronicling the arrest.

The first of the four police videos is a 14-minute police video which includes the in-class portion of McDonald’s arrest and ends with McDonald getting handcuffed. It shows a calm, staggeringly cordial encounter.

The arrest of McDonald while he was in class on Thursday caused much furor among campus radicals. Almiron and other professors duly penned and published a letter of protest on Friday.

Read the whole story at The Daily Caller






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