Black Lives Matter slams public library’s ban on blacks-only meetings as racist


By Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times

Black Lives Matter activists are slamming the Nashville Public Library’s anti-discrimination policies as racist after they were banned from holding meetings that excluded white people.

Library officials said all meetings at their taxpayer-funded facilities must be open to the general public and news media, but that has outraged members of Black Lives Matter’s Nashville chapter, who have accused the local government of white supremacy, The Tennessean reported.

“Due to white supremacy in our local government, this week’s BLM General Body Meeting location has changed,” reads a notice postedFriday on the group’s Facebook page. “BLM General Body meetings are open to black and non-black people of color only.”

Joshua Crutchfield, a Black Lives Matter organizer, said the group’s only rule is that white people are excluded from attending their meetings. They had several meetings scheduled at the North Branch public library but decided to move to Dixon Memorial United Methodist Church in North Nashville out of protest.

Read the whole story at The Washington Times


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