Coddled Infants Claim College Victory


As reported by Robby Soave of The Daily Beast:

Perpetually offended students have notched another win—this time at Ithaca College in New York, where President Tom Rochon was forced into early retirement due to his perceived mishandling of racial slights. Once again, the aggrieved mobs on campuses have flexed their muscle, proving how dangerous it is to disagree with them.

Rochon’s ouster closely resembles the resignations of President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin at the University of Missouri several weeks ago. Like Wolfe and Bowen, Rochon was accused of failing to prevent instances of racial harassment that no administrator could have forestalled. Indeed, Rochon’s alleged shortcomings seem even less compelling than those of Mizzou leadership, given the whiny nature of students’ complaints.

Media coverage of Rochon’s resignation implies that Ithaca was beset by a series of escalating racist incidents on campus, but in reality, there were just two such grievances. Neither stands up to scrutiny, and neither suggest that Rochon’s refusal to intervene was a removable offense.

Read the entire story at The Daily Beast


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